Travel Agency Business Management

The course provides a wide knowledge of Travel Agency Business Management along with Travel Professional skills. A student can get the knowledge how to establish his/her own travel agency. You can get the help from experienced travel professional during the course. Learn Air, Hotel and Holidays Package management. Learn globally internationally recognized air ticketing terminologies, rules and regulations. Also Learn major domestic and international tourist destination for the holiday packages. Learn how to run post establishing of the travel agency and how to get the leads and revenue. Also learn Automated Electronic Ticketing on Galileo. You also learn the function and management of a travel agency. The professional skills add an extra advantage for the rapid growth. Learn more about the self-booking tool (SBT).

Duration: 3 Months

Course Format:

Travel Agency Business Management course is available in classroom Lecture & Practical Based training.

What you will learn:

  • Understanding Aviation, Travel & Tourism
  • Learn About IATA World Geography, Airline, City and Airport IATA Codes
  • Plan Travel Itineraries-Budgeting and Costing
  • Become a Travel Professional About Holiday Package and VISA assistance
  • Sell Hotel Accommodation, Cruises & Pre-Packaged Tour Products
  • Provide Good Customer Service & Retain Customer Loyalty
  • Well Versed in Global Distribution System for Electronic Ticket
  • Learn how to get the leads for the hot destination
  • Build your website and Google Account.
  • Learn Soft Skills for The Rapid Growth in Travel & Tourism Industry

Key Topic:

Travel, Tourism, Holiday Package & Extensive Knowledge on End to End Travel Agency establishment.


  • Importance of Geography for Travel Agent.
  • Learn World Maps to Locate Countries and Cities
  • Identify Time Zones and Calculate Elapsed Travel Times
  • International & Domestic Travel and Tourism Organizations
  • Planning Travel Itineraries
  • City and Airport codes
  • Foreign Currency and codes


  • The Passport & Types of Passports
  • The Visa & Types of Visa
  • VISA Processing and Fees
  • VISA on Arrival Countries
  • Obtaining Travel Documents
  • Health Certificates and General Information
  • Travel Insurance & How to Book Online
  • The Travel Information Manual (TIM)
  • Travel Insurance
  • Forex


  • Airport & Airport Terminals
  • Departure & Arrival Formalities
  • Transit Areas
  • Airline Products and Services
  • Aircraft Seat Configuration and Seat Assignment
  • More about Aircraft Types
  • Pre-Flight and In-Flight Products and Services
  • Baggage Allowance & Unchecked Baggage Allowance
  • Industry Terminology and Definitions
  • Miscellaneous Abbreviations and Travel Jargon’s


  • Signing in And Out
  • Encode and Decode Cities, Airline and Airports
  • Display A PNR, Similar Name Lists, Re display PNR
  • Timetable Displays & Basic Flight Availability
  • Creating the Itinerary & Creating A PNR
  • Frequent Flyer Element
  • OSI Element & SSR Element
  • Cancelling and Changing PNR Mandatory & Optional Elements
  • Fare Displays & Fare Displays for A Specific Carrier
  • Fare Displays with Specific Days & Fare Displays for A Specific Fare Type
  • Fare Displays with Taxes & Fare Displays with Combination of Modifiers
  • Pricing Itineraries, Basic Itinerary Pricing
  • Best Buy Pricing, Stored Pricing
  • Electronic Ticketing Overview
  • Issuing Electronic Tickets


  • Hotel Products & Hotel Types
  • Hotel Rating Systems, Classifications and Brands
  • The Language of Accommodation
  • Hotel Facilities, Room Types & Meal Plans
  • Sources of Hotel & Printed Resources
  • Electronic Resources
  • Hotel Room & Rate Structures
  • Factors Affecting the Pricing of Hotel
  • Hotel Reservations
  • Sales and Payment Terms


  • Types of Tours and Tour Components
  • Fixed Departure Tour Components
  • FIT Departure Tour Components
  • 5 Domestic and 4 Hot International Destination Knowledge
  • Budgeting, Planning and Costing of FIT Tour
  • Reservation and Accounting Procedures
  • Tour Booking Conditions and Limitations of Liability
  • How to Manage the Vendor for Car and Hotel Under the Queries
  • Handle the Add-On Facilities
  • Cruise Booking- Domestic and International


  • Company Registration
  • Company Branding and Profile Content
  • Marketing
  • Tie Up with Other Travel Agents for B2B Business
  • Contracting with Suppliers & Travel Whole Sellers
  • Lead Generation
  • Cross and Up Selling
  • Invoicing
  • Website Development
  • Domain Booking
  • Email Management
  • Website Promotion
  • SEO
  • Google Adword and Google map
  • Selling and Convincing skills

Certificate Awarded:

By successfully completing the final examination you will
receive Travel Agency Business Management Diploma.

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